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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 12, 2013 1:35am-2:10am PST

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the ex-l.a. cop may be making a run for the border. >> reporter: this security tape now in the hands of the lapd posted on tmv, shows a man considered to be christopher dorner, seen watching into the sports store in torrance. it appears he's buying scuba equipment. this as we're now learning about an affidavit for an arrest warrant for christopher dorner. now, federal agents have the power to extradite him in case traveled to mexico. in it, an investigator writes there is probable cause to believe that dorner has moved and traveled in foreign commerce, from california to mexico, with the intent to avoid prosecution. the affidavit states an agent found dorner's personal belongings, including his wallet and identification cards near the u.s.-mexico border.
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three days earlier, near san diego, this security tape shows dorner dumping ammo, a helmet, and a military belt in a dumpster. sources say all of this doesn't necessarily mean dorner is in mexico. this affidavit now gives them the authority to arrest them, even if he remains within state lines. >> authorities continue to search in big bear for dorner. we have breaking news out of vallejo tonight. five people were shot, one of them confirmed killed. police say that two of the victims were found in the garage of a home at humboldt and eastwood, about 8:30 tonight. the other three appeared at the hospital a short time later. dozens of shell casing were found in the street. >> everything is in preliminary stages of the investigation. unknown as to who the suspects, victims are. whatever transpired here. and what we're doing right now
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is trying to piece everything together. >> police believe the five shot were all men. sources tell our reporter joe vazquez that they are looking into whether this may have been a drive-by shooting. extra security on hand tonight for a talk about guns. specifically a gun store in a town that's never had any gun stores before. kpix 5 reporter kiet do tells us there have been death threats. kiet? >> reporter: the gun store folks asked for extra security and they got it tonight, with three officers guarding over this meeting. tonight, the town council voted unanimously to look into ways to impose a moratorium on future gun stores. as far as the one that opened five weeks ago, what's done is done, and that will stay. tonight's los gatos town hall meeting has taken on a whole new caliber of urgency. police officers are providing extra security off store owner, robert chang, got a death threat last week.
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>> we're always grateful for law enforcement to step in. >> reporter: los gatos doesn't have any laws restricting gun stores, so staff simply approved the business license last summer. council members say staff should have alerted them about the gun store right away. >> i'm hoping in the future that our staff will inform us a little sooner about these issues coming forward. >> reporter: the gun store carries fishing and hunting gear, handguns and yes, assault rifles. they opened a few weeks after the school massacre in newtown when tensions about gun control were high. and they still are. >> this is not about access to guns. there are plenty of places to purchase a weapon. the question is, why do we need to be one of those places? >> the only thing that stops a crazy man with a gun is a good guy with a gun. and fact. good guys can't get guns if they don't have stores like
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templer's to go to. >> these men take on the extra duty of making sure we can exercise our constitutional rights, they're doing us a favor. >> reporter: the town staff learned a valuable lesson. if anything looks remotely controversial, then let the town officials know. the earliest they can get a moratorium on the books is march 4. dozens of city workers in san francisco are being investigated for sharing porn and gambling on the job. the chronicle says employees at the public utilities commission used city computers to e-mail porn to reach other and visit online gambling sites. the investigation is expected to take about two weeks. catholics stunned by today's news that for the first time in 600 years, a pope is resigning. pope benedict xvi says age and deteriorating health are forcing him to step down. the 85-year-old will remain
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pope until february 28. shortly after, the college of cardinals will gather to elect a new pope. so who will be the next pontiff? cardinals have always at least in the last several centuries picked a european. but this time, those considered contenders include cardinals from canada, ghana and nigeria. benedict enforced the church's conservative doctrine to the joy of some, the dismay of others. reporter david jackson asks, which way will the church go next? >> reporter: the next pope is expected to have a decidedly easier path ahead of him. the sex scandal came to light under pope john paul ii. they say now look for youth, a conservative vision and most likely, a european. >> the numbers are really
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stacked toward the europeans. unless there's some kind of inspirational moment where someone kind of just steps out of the pack -- by that i mean someone who speaks languages, knows the global world, it's a very difficult job description. >> reporter: but maybe not difficult for cardinal natural olay, a french canadian. >> there is a cardinal mark olay, who is now currently the head of the office of bishops in rome. so we could have a canadian. >> reporter: 119 cardinals will vote in the upcoming conclave to select the new pope, most of whom were appointed by pope benedict xvi and pope john paul. both, staunch conservatives, so expect a conservative voice to be chosen. something young catholics accept. >> i feel like moderate is probably fine. i'm a card-carrying liberal
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like for sure, but like -- >> but you don't think the church needs to go that direction? >> well, i don't know if people are ready to have a liberal church. >> i would like to see them go towards pope john paul ii. i would like to see it go that way. >> reporter: obviously those students at st. marys do not speak for everyone, but i did talk to a number of others and nobody expects a liberal pope to be elected. there's just hoping it's somebody who can keep the catholic church out of the news. david jackson, kpix 5. developing news, north korea has conducted a third underground nuclear test. the u.s. geological survey detected a magnitude 4.9 earthquake centered near the site of north korea's last two tests. officials state media also came out and reported that it tested a miniaturized nuclear device in a safe matter. just ten minutes ago, the white house called the test, quote,
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highly provokive. a former navy seal who says he is the one who shot and killed osama bin laden is leaving the military, without a pension or any health benefits. he told his story to esquire magazine and the center for investigating reporting, identified only as the shooter. he describes the moment when he pointed his gun at osama bin laden. >> i shot him once in the forehead and another time in the forward and then a in -- in the forehead and then once again. >> he says he's struggling to file a disability claim. the shooter also claims that he has no protection for himself or his family from possible retaliation, and he has trained his own children to hide in the bathtub. coming up, a bay area mom turned amateur detective.
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come one woman whose car was stolen got a call from oakland police. say said, we found it, come pick it up. when she showed up, she thought, hey, wait a minute, has anyone like bothered to look inside? well kpix 5 reporter christin ayers shows us how that woman stumbled upon a crime ring and became an amateur detective. >> reporter: it should have been an open and shut case. a woman who wants to be known only as margie had her car stolen on new year's eve from oakland's lake merit. two weeks later, oakland police found it. >> i received a call from the oakland pd, telling me they had recovered my car. >> reporter: plate swapped. stereo stolen. that should have been the end. but margie was about to stumble onto an apparent crime ring. she discovered a serial burglar's stash. inside the car, she found a kitchen knife, latex gloves and
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a crowbar. >> they were professionals. they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: margie says oakland police told her what to do with the evidence. it was up to her. bring it in or -- >> throw it out. >> reporter: something margie says she simply cannot do. >> somebody is out there terrorizing people by stealing their cars, taking items, and the cops don't even want to follow up with it. >> reporter: oakland police say they did search the car, but initially had no proof that what was inside was stolen. so margie decided to take matters into her own hands. >> you were basically playing detective. >> right. but i'm a scientist. i look at evidence. i try to put these pieces together. >> reporter: it didn't take much. >> so on the hard drives, i could see that it belonged to someone that had worked at cal. >> reporter: she traced the cell phone to this man. >> i thought it would never
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happen, really. what are the odds? >> reporter: uc berkeley student arman's moam home was burglarized. some of the loot in her trunk belonged to him and his roommate, including the poker chip. >> also the cell phone. >> reporter: ment margie turned his belongings and the rest of the evidence to the berkeley police. >> that's really nice of her. >> reporter: hoping they could finish the detective work that she started. christin ayers, kpix 5. and police were busy in the town of fairfield today where they raided a house. and they found drugs, money, guns. they also found this guy. three-foot long alligator. police say the couple at the house on begonia boulevard were running a marijuana grow operation.
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>> do you get the sense that this was for protection or this was a pet? >> it's hard to tell because of its size. it's certainly interesting to have it. i don't really know what their motive is to have it. it certainly would be dangerous if you had kids around or if somebody who was unsuspecting might encounter even a three foot alligator. >> they also found a small arsenal of firearms, more than $20 thousand in cash and bags of pot. the suspects are facing a number of drug and weapons charges. a major insurance company has a message for some dog owners. cbs reporter tony lopez explains why they may turn you down if your pet is a certain breed. >> reporter: it's couch seem for sabi, the former pit bull show dog and his owner dawn. >> they made an assumption about me and my household that isn't fair. it's not just. >> reporter: they are farmers
1:54 am
insurance, which is making a change for certain pet owners in california. your pit bull, rottweiler or wolf hybrid will no longer be covered under your homeowners' insurance policy, meaning if they bite someone, you're out of luck. >> do you just paint them all with a big brush and say you look like a certain breed so we're not gonna cover you? >> reporter: but dawn says she wasn't given a heads-up from her agent. >> so i switched over the weekend to state farm. >> reporter: she fears other pit bull owners may give up on their pets instead of going through the hassle of changing. >> and these dogs have done nothing wrong, just happened to look a certain way. >> reporter: a look some say has left dog owners in the cold. >> sabi? there you go! good boy! >> reporter: in sacramento, tony lopez, kpix 5.
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watch out for the zombie apocalypse! what? >> that's the warning that was broadcast in montana when a tv station's emergency alert system got hacked. >> authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising in their graves and attacking the living. follow the messages on the screen. it will be updated as more information becomes available. the bodies are considered extremely dangerous. >> i'll say. well, the montana television network says don't worry, there is no emergency, no zombies. >> but police did get four 911 calls to see if it was true. 911, we need some rain! yeah. maybe mother nature takes house calls. let's enjoy the sunshine while we have it. we had a beautiful day today. low to mid 60's out there. remember when you were a kid and played with the light bright? the artist who created the bay
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bridge has made it his light bright. look at the show he's putting on right now. pretty cool looking out there right now. we have a beautiful shot to show you just after sunset from the south bay earlier this evening where we had a gorgeous color in the sky and it was gorgeous all throughout the south bay. we had temperatures topping out in the mid 60's in san jose today. we'll get chilly tonight. 36 in san jose. livermore, 34. concord, 36. fairfield, 33. as you would guess, the radar. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. it's dry because of that big dome of high pressure has gone nowhere. if anything, it is going to move closer to us, expand in size and get even stronger and make us up near 70 degrees, get us to about 10 degrees above average by the end of this week. it's off to our west right now. we're still getting that northerly wind. mornings will be chilly and afternoons will be sunny. low 60's is average this time
1:57 am
of year. as that high gets closer to us, on friday, that's when we will be at our warmest. even san jose may hit 70 degrees on friday. that will be the warmest day. we'll stay in the 30's at night inland. rainfall, i don't see it for this week or likely the middle of next week. san jose, exactly average, 63 tomorrow. all about the sunshine up and down the area. sonoma tomorrow, 63 with sunshine. a couple degrees milder on wednesday and thursday. friday is that warm day, approaching 70. weekend will be a couple of degrees cooler. dry weather for the next seven days. we need the ken bastida rain day. >> it's coming. >> you're forewarned. coming up, how this baby grand wound up on the edge of a bay area cliff.
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maker's mark is reducing the
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urbon by well, a popular booze maker is now watering down your drink. makers mark. yeah. reducing the alcohol volume of its bourbon by 3 percentage points. the change to do that is to keep up with global demand. and it's not a difference that you'll be able to taste. well, if you walked the beaches in half moon bay lately, you may have found yourself hearing more than the sound of crashing waves. >> one artist found a way to mix music with the sounds of nature. though many have enjoyed the melody, joe vazquez shows us why it will soon be gone. >> reporter: sunset at half moon bay is already glorious. about two weeks ago, mara, a local artist who makes sculptures from piano parts, had an idea about how to make it even more impressive, after
2:01 am
a donated baby grand was deemed impossible to keep it tuned. he decided to wheel it out to the edge of a cliff and play music on it. >> my idea was to keep playing the same piece. and people will notice how nature will do what it wants to do with the instrument. >> it's really bittersweet. >> reporter: aleeta grew up playing that piano, as did her children. but then economics forced her to get a smaller home. the piano had to go. >> it brought a lot of joy. it's still giving joy. this is a good way to remember it. >> reporter: during the day, anyone can tickle the ivories. he has been playing it every sunset. but then someone complained to the city, which then gave him ten days to stop the music because he doesn't have a permit. he briefly considered fighting city hall, but then decided friday will be the last sunset performance. after that, he will take the
2:02 am
piano out on a boat for one last song, then set it on fire. >> i'm going to be playing it when it burns, so hopefully i can do the whole thing. it's been wonderful. >> reporter: in half moon bay, joe vazquez, kpix 5. the sun is also setting on something else. can you name the year that men's pro tennis came to the bay area? i'm dennis o'donnell. looks like the warriors have got something up 3q lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner.
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after this sunday because of dwindling crowds and lack of big name playe men's professional tennis is over in the bay area after this sunday, because of dwindling crowds and lack of big name players. just how old is this tournament? the tournament started in 1889, the same year that charlie chaplain was born. in fact, the eiffel tower opened at the world's fair in paris that year. and coco became a company. and william taylor won the pacific coast championship in monterey. 125-year run, coming to an end. first round match between gosweda from japan, melez won the first set. he needed a third. san jose, without a win since before the super bowl. and it's starting to show.
2:06 am
columbus already up 4-1. another one makes it 5-1. thomas not the answer tonight. it wasn't the sharks' night. a puck is dropped. in just eight seconds, another score. the sharks go down 6-2. they have lost five straight. it is fashion week in new york. and apparently also at oracle arena. the team debuted their new jerseys today. they have sleeves, which is a first for the nba. they'll wear them three times this season and then will donate them to the tour de france. >> i've finally realized why harrison was lifting weights today doing push-ups. but i think the fans are going to embrace just how great the team looks. >> they call it the clippers lob city. apparently chris paul is a little too happy.
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no. 3, blake griffin shows them, this is how it's done! not an alley-oop. he switches hands in midair. and the clippers beat the sixers. the bakersfield condors thought it would be nice to bring a live condor on the ice. it got to the bench and scared everybody. no. 1, we show tons of full court shots but none that have bounced before going in. high school in colorado. they will never be able to do that again, ever. ken, elizabeth? >> it's just the way the ball bounced. and no condors were harmed in the singing of that national anthem. >>
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